Ne relâchez pas la pression !

 L’immense majorité des candidats a tendance à être stressée avant de passer un entretien, ce qui est un phénomène tout à fait normal. En revanche, plus l’entretien avance dans le temps, plus les candidats ont tendance à oublier qu’ils sont devant un jury et ont tendance à baisser leur garde.

Ce n’est pas parce qu’un jury est sympathique avec vous qu’il ne doit pas pour autant faire une sélection à la fin de la demi-journée. Ce n’est pas non plus parce que vous vous sentez petit à petit  plus à l’aise que vous pouvez vous permettre de tutoyer le jury, de faire des plaisanteries [pas de blagues] ou de vous laisser aller à la confession.

Quelle que soit l’atmosphère régnant dans la salle d’examen, vous n’avez qu’un seul but : convaincre le jury que vous êtes la meilleure candidate ou le meilleur candidat de la journée et que ce serait commettre une erreur impardonnable que de ne pas vous faire confiance.

Les entretiens sont en général assez courts. Le principe n’étant pas de vous mettre à mal, mais bien de découvrir qui vous êtes. Faîtes en sorte de prendre sur vous pendant le temps de l’épreuve.

Bon courage !

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Free-agent small forward Carlos Delfino and the Bucks possess agreed to a two-year, Six.5 million agreement including a team selection for a third year which could make the deal worthy of 9.75, the league source established Sunday evening.
Delfino, 30, spent last time of year with the Houston Rockets, averaging 10.6 items, 3.3 boards and 2.0 allows per game although shooting 40.Five percent from the field and also 37.5 percent on 3-pointers.
The Rockets released Delfino as well as point guard Aaron Brooks last week to clear earnings cap space for you to agree to a contract with free-agent center Dwight Howard.
A first rounded pick of the Detroit Pistons in 2003, Delfino came over to the United States within 2004. The Argentinian expended three seasons with the Pistons before being traded to Toronto for just two second-round draft picks.
Right after one season in Toronto, Delfino spent your 2008-09 season with Khimki Moscow inside the Russian Super Little league. Delfino returned to the Usa when he was bought and sold by Toronto for the Bucks with Roko Ukic pertaining to Amir Johnson and Sonny Weems during the summer time of 2009.
Delfino averaged Eleven.0 and 14.5 points for each game in his first 2 seasons with the Cash, shooting 40.7 percent and Thirty-nine.0 percent coming from beyond the arc. Delfino was tied to just 49 games in his second period with the Bucks because of severe concussion.
After calculating 9.0 points and 3.9 boards per game within 2011-12 with the Bucks, Delfino agreed upon with Houston final offseason.
The veteran can be a 3-point specialist and is a great perimeter defender. His / her presence in the locker space was lauded very last season in Austin, and he ll carry leadership to this calendar year s Bucks crew. With Mike Dunleavy agreeing to a contract with Chicago, Delfino will add depth at small forward to the Bucks, joining Luc Rich Mbah a Moute and first-round choose Giannis Antetokoumpo.
Delfino is the third free of charge agent the Dollars have agreed to an agreement with, joining firing guard O.J. Mayo and heart Zaza Pachulia. All three can capital t officially sign their contracts until the league moratorium ends July 10.
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